Interview mit Victoria Turnbull (auf Englisch)

Es folgt ein Interview mit der englischsprachigen Künstlerin Frau Turnbull.

Mrs. Turnbull, what exactly are you doing here?

I and the children are working with optical illusions.

OK, and how are you doing this?

First we thought about what we want to do. Then, on Monday, we made a little box with a small hole in it. When you are looking through the hole you’re abled to see the 2D painting in 3D. Today we will work with shadows and papers and we want to present them all over the school building.

That sounds great! Will these  pieces of art be shown anywhere?

Yes, there will be a booklet.

Will this cost anything? Where can we get this?

No, I don’t think so. And I don’t know where to get it.

What are you doing usually ?

I’m an artist and work in London and in Stuttgart.

Thank you for your time. Goodbye!

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